Generational Trauma and Toxicity

Breaking the curses, one boundary at a time.

Have you always been the black sheep of your family?

Are you an adult having difficulty in areas of your life like friendships and romantic partners? Do you say ‘Yes!’ when you really mean ‘No!’? Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, or like you are “behind”? Struggling with all those trauma informative Tik Toks from quarantine scrolling? Thinking that perhaps, you may have experienced trauma and didn’t know? Do you have a critical inner voice that you can’t seem to turn off no matter what you try?

Me too. Here I dive into sharing what I have experienced and learned along my own healing journey. No love, light, or beautifully crafted graphic platitudes to be had. Honest, real, raw, vulnerable truths and mishaps with psychology and sociology to explore how we got here and what you can do about it.

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